Meeting Rooms

There are various meeting rooms available at the Library.  Although primarily intended for Library use, they may be used by the public when not needed for Library activities.

Find the full Meeting Room Policy here.

To reserve a meeting room, please contact:

  • Community Room:  Carie Jancik - (708) 795-8000 ext 3031
    Capacity of 100 persons auditorium‐style, or 60 with tables and chairs.
  • Board Room:  Carie Jancik - (708) 795-8000 ext 3031
    Contains a conference table and has a capacity of 21.
  • Study Rooms:  Audio Visual Desk - (708) 795-8000 ext 3085
    Two study rooms available, with a capacity of 4 each.
  • Learning Lab I: Esther Chase - (708) 795-8000 ext 3044
    9 computer stations equipped with office and graphic software, with additional room for laptops for a total room capacity of 16.
  • Learning Lab 2: Esther Chase - (708) 795-8000 ext 3044
    Contains table and chairs and has a capacity of 8.


To present a program through the Library: