For Youth

Baby Noise

January 21st, 2017,
10:30am to 11:15am
Music is powerfully positive for little ones and their cognitive growth. We will guide you through simple, fun ways to use music for early learning. Ages 0 months through 24 months.

Please register by phone, on our website, or at the Youth Services desk to join the musical fun.

Middle School Volunteers

February 21st, 2017,
2:00pm to 4:00pm
* Please be aware that due to high demand in late February/ early March, our regular drop in style volunteering changes to mandatory registration. Only 15 volunteers will be accepted for each of our high volume dates February 21st-March 17th. Register here or with a Youth Services staff member in person or by phone at 708.795.8000 ex 3088. If you cannot make a session you’ve registered for, please contact us to cancel so someone else can take your slot.