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Accredited Representatives at the Berwyn Public Library can assist with applying for the following immigration benefits:  Citizenship, Green Card Renewal, and DACA Renewal, as well as Citizenship Certificates, Passports, and Family Petitions in certain situations. Assistance is free. Interested individuals must fill out an application in English or Spanish. Printed versions are at the Circulation Desk.

Not all individuals seeking assistance will receive it. Individuals looking for assistance with immigration benefits other than those listed above, or who have a criminal history or other circumstances that make their case more complex will be referred to other qualified agencies.

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Accredited Representatives can also give free Know Your Rights presentations in English or Spanish at schools and community organizations serving Berwyn residents. To request a presentation, email

Federal regulations allow non-attorney “Accredited Representatives” to assist individuals with immigration forms. These representatives are accredited through the Recognition and Accreditation (R&A) Program, which aims to increase the availability of competent immigration legal representation.

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