What’s New

Full List - New Fiction

New Fiction for Adults

Wild Women and the Blues
Faye, Faraway
Those Who Are Saved
Murder in Old Bombay
They’re Gone
Thrawn Ascendancy: Greater Good
The Frozen Crown
Save It For Later
Shadow Life
The Son of Mr. Suleman
La casa de los amores imposibles
Lo que no he dicho

Full List - New Non Fiction

New Nonfiction for Adults

Blueberry Love
Cook, eat, repeat
Curar Con El Aceite De Cannabis
Eleanor In The Village
Elizabeth & Margaret
Hombres G
How Y
Mud, Rocks, Blazes
Murder At The Mission
Rock me on the water
Sparring With Smokin
You can

Full List New Teens

New for Teens

Victories Greater than Death
List of Ten
The Forest of Stolen Girls
Somewhere Between Bitter and Sweet
The Mirror Season
The Infinity Courts
She Drives Me Crazy
Seekers of the Aweto, Vol. 1: The Hunt is On
Nubia: Real One

Full List New Kids

New for Kids

Plasticus Maritimus: An invasive species
We must not forget
History smashers: Pearl harbor
Timelines from black history leaders, legends, legacies
7 good reasons not to grow up
People of pride:25 great LGBTQ Americans
The sea ringed world: Sacred stories of the Americas
The comeback
A place to hang the moon
Thirteen witches #1: Memory thief
The one thing you
Out of nowhere

Full List New Media

New Media for All

Wonder Woman 1984
Barb & Star Go To Vista Del Mar
Finding Love in Quarantine
Ip Man: Kung Fu Master
The Black Church
Some Kind of Heaven
Dead to Me - Season 1
Soulmates - Season 1
The Casagrandes - Season 1